Fundamentals of International Arbitration

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The first module is dedicated to an introduction to the fundamentals of international arbitration both in a comparative perspective and with emphasis on Swiss law. The course is taught by Christoph Müller and Daniel Girsberger, both experienced university faculty members and arbitration practitioners. The purpose of this “crash course” is to ensure that by the end of the first week, all participants are familiar with the essential aspects of international arbitration law and practice, particularly with respect to the Swiss legal framework.

The course is based on materials specifically designed for this type of education, and includes practical exercises in all relevant areas of international arbitration, namely:

  1. The Legal Concept of Arbitration, Fundamental Features, Regulatory Framework and Neighbouring Methods of Dispute Resolution
  2. The Arbitration Agreement
  3. The Arbitral Tribunal
  4. The Arbitral Proceedings
  5. The Applicable Law
  6. The Arbitral Award
  7. Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
Head Lecturers :
Christoph Müller, Daniel Girsberger
Guest Lecturers :
Isabelle Berger, Caroline Ming, Aron Skogman, Philipp Eickhoff, Elisabeth Vanas-Metzler, Maria Irene Perruccio, Laurence Ponty

Neuchâtel/Geneva,  2 - 6 May 2019